Learn To Play Piano

Essential Self-Learning Material For Beginning Pianists

What's in the package?

When you purchase Piano Lessons Package, you will instantly receive a a link to download the whole package. In the download you will receive:

  • 60 high quality piano lessons from beginner level to more challenging.
  • Printable booklet for all the lessons and exercises.
  • Printable sheet music for the songs and exercises played in lessons.
  • MIDI files of all lessons which you can listen on your computer.
  • All lessons and exercises loadable into Synthesia for play-along.
  • All Major and Minor (Harmonic + melodic) scales in PDF and MIDI.
  • All Scales in PDF files include colored notes that are sharp or flat.
  • Synthesia fingering data for each lesson and scale exercise.
  • Lessons and practices on Chord Inversions.
  • Lessons and exercises on how to get more kick and style into chords.
  • Five etudes with Synthesia fingering data to improve your finger dexterity and speed.
  • Book about basics of piano and music theory.
  • Instructions on how to install lessons to Synthesia.
  • Hours of great time with your piano!

You will also receive a bonus material called "Child Piano Play" which contains a printable material to get your child involved in learning music theory and piano as well. More details on Child's Piano Play here.


Why don't you go ahead and download the sample material and if you like what you see you can return and make the purchase.