Learn To Play Piano

Essential Self-Learning Material For Beginning Pianists

What is Piano Lessons Package

Piano Lessons Package contains carefully designed exercises to improve your hand coordination and fingering techniques that will enable you to learn faster than ever before. You will also learn how to play different notes from baby steps all the way to more challenging level. Ever wanted to learn all the Major and Minor scales? No problem! This package includes all scales and you will also get lessons on chord inversions and techniques to make your play sound amazing!

Not all of us can afford a personal piano teacher and there are tons of different self-teaching material on Youtube and different websites. The problem is, that a beginning pianist doesn't know what to look for and what is the best way to start.

Piano Lessons Package includes material to be printed out as well as MIDI files of each lesson so that you can listen to the melodies and can even import the files to any third party software, such as Synthesia (explained below).

Below are the four main piano skills that you will be able to learn with this package.


With easy to follow piano lessons, you get right into action with the smallest steps advancing to higher levels at your own pace. Print out the PDF sheet music for the lesson and load up the lesson's MIDI file into Synthesia to hear and see the rhythm, notes played and the melody. Practice along with Synthesia until you get better and better.

Included piano lessons are carefully designed to get you familiar with keys as well as to enable you to learn to play with both hands. For each lesson there is a printable PDF file with sheet music, a MIDI file which you can play with your multimedia application as well as Synthesia, and finally there is a book explaining all lessons in detail.


Learn to play all Major as well as Minor (harmonic and melodic) scales in a new innovative way! In additional to key signature in each of the key, each note that is either sharp or flat is colored in red, so you can learn the complete two-octave scales faster and more efficiently than ever before. All scales are available as pritable PDF file (with colored notes) as well as MIDI file to play on any multimedia application as well as Synthesia.

Included Piano Lessons For Synthesia book also contains left and right hand fingering information for each of the scale provided.

Chord Inversions

Does it ever feel to you that playing some chord progression feels tiring with hands bouncing left and right? Solution to this is learning how to use chord inversions. When inverting a chord, you can get progression that sound's pretty much the same but is way more playable.

With Piano Lessons Package, you'll learn in practice how to do first and second inversion of any chord. You will also get a chance to try these chord inversion with a sample chord progression in order to see and understand the purpose of chord invertions.

Chord Voicings

Why only play simple triad when you can spice up any chord with a technique called voicing? Playing a basic triad with your left hand is alright, but imagine if you could spice up that chord sound with a little more kick! Piano Lessons Package for Synthesia will show you many different ways you can make your chords sound delicious and phat.

With inlcuded MIDI files you will hear the difference in chord sound as you try basic triad and different voicing versions.


Synthesia is a game-like application which enables you to learn to play songs by looking at falling notes and press the correct keys on the piano as the melody goes on.

Piano Lessons Package contains a MIDI file per each lesson that you can import into Synthesia and have a play-along practice. The neat feature of Synthesia is, that it has a practice mode that stops the song when you press a wrong key and continues when the correct note is played.

You can connect any MIDI enabled digital piano to a computer or iPad and use Synthesia right from your piano. Having this setup is the closest you can get to a real piano teacher without the cost of private piano lessons.

Synthesia is a freeware and is available for download at www.synthesiagame.com


Why don't you go ahead and download the sample material and if you like what you see you can return and make the purchase.